Buoy rental – Propriano

For a great time at sea, rent buoys at competitive prices from Locamarine Boat in Propriano.


We rent out buoys for children of all ages and for adults alike. Choose from either the one – or two-seater model. 

In addition to keeping you afloat, our various buoys can be used in several ways: as sunbathing support in the open sea, swimming aid, signalling device (for divers), strong sensation accessories (towed by a boat) …

Our buoys allow you to make the most of the sea without a care in the world

Buoy rental Propriano
Buoy rental Sartene| Ajaccio


Rest assured, we offer quality buoys for all tastes.

Our equipment is available for daily rental. You can take them with you throughout your stay (more than 10 days, or even a few weeks) and everywhere in the region: Sartene, Ajaccio, Tizzano, Porto Pollo, Campomoro, etc.

Our buoys are at your disposal for a day or a few weeks

Get more information about our various buoys.